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The Little Insanity - Also available on
What percentage of us are damaged, handicapped or fractured in some way that we struggle desperately to hide from the casual, and not so casual, observer? How many of us can lay claim to total mental stability, renouncing any character flaws or defects that can adversely affect our relationship and interactions with others?

The Little Insanity is a relay of relationships between six 30-something individuals and their six degrees (or less) of connectedness.

Meet Jenn, Jason, Kyle, Kyra, Beth and Brad

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Fate Laughs

Incredibly, bigotry and discrimination are still alive and well in
Altuna, Georgia. Hate, that has been passed down for generations, is now coming to fruition in the Whitaker household. Fate Laughs is an intimate look into the lives of one, angry, Southern family.
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Germ Theory

Calvin Prescott is a doctor, working for the CDC in Washington. He finds himself in the middle of a crisis of biblical proportions. The world is in the midst of an epidemic, the likes of which has never been seen. It is up to Calvin to try to figure out what is killing off two-thirds of the population. With Jalina by his side, they tackle the arduous task of unlocking the mystery of X-13.


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Lizzie March

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